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sassiest running shirt like waaaaat

I’m bleeding, I’m not just making conversation.

Richard Siken, excerpt from “Wishbone” (via littlejaw)

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Anonymous: Girl I know where you're copying your writings, pls stop before someone expose you.

Hmm. That’s interesting. Unfortunately everything I post is generally considered “published”. I don’t have time to pretend I feel what someone else is feeling when they write. There is nothing that’s peeved me more than finding others taking my writing, and it isn’t even about aesthetics or appeal or any of that bullshit. It’s that I went through that post. I went through those words and I felt pain over them, and I don’t think people realize the emotions they’re dragging along with them when they repost things and claim they’ve written it. I’d love to know what they “felt” when they “wrote” it, how misunderstood it is and how far away from the raw reality of it they are. I have no need to take someone else’s feelings. I have no room to take someone else’s feelings. I have enough.

I get that polyamory is a pretty popular thing, and having threesomes with someone you’re with can in some peoples eyes ‘spice things up’, but fuck I just had a discussion about it with a friend and I literally can’t wrap my mind around it. It just doesn’t work in my head. I could never see myself being content or ‘pleasured’ watching someone else fuck or make who I’m with feel good. I literally can’t. And the person I was talking to said that it made me “too possessive”? I can’t get over that. It feels insulting and it made a pit in my stomach but maybe I’m just lack of understanding, or maybe with my personality and the way I love I’m not meant to understand. I don’t fucking know.

Someone talk me through this. What are your opinions? 


Self-portrait during sunset on the night I spent on top of the Golden Ears mountains in BC, Canada.

I know you as legs twisted within sheets. Fidgeting. Lips bitten raw. I know you as the middle of my bed, the taste of warm skin out of the shower. A pressure. A touch. Anything.

What are some blogs yall follow that give a good knowledge base on how to properly workout; like different muscle groups and dividing the workouts into days etc? I want to try to do on my own what a trainer could bring to me but my lack of actual knowledge makes me hesitant.


the concept of writing as anything other than pure survival to me is completely bizarre

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Anonymous: You are absolutely beautiful.

There’s lil bits of sunrays in these words, and now you’ve tucked some in my heart so I can give them out to this pretty, cruel world and you’re lovely for that.

cradle my jaw and grab a palmful of my butt when we’re making out and i’m yours i swear it


cancers are sweet and disarming in appearance, its really like you just want to crawl into their lap and let them hold you. they are maternal and sympathetic people who try extremely hard to get out of their ‘down’ moods. sometimes they just want to be alone so they can’t hurt anybody

i want to make more cute themes but i also need ideas for more cute themes // things that are wanted in cute themes