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Daria Werbowy in “Shift to Neutral” by Inez and Vinoodh
Vogue US September 2007

ok wait so is tumblr pro actually a thing or just a top hat 

Anonymous: Are you a sam or dean girl?


bonemyths: Shanny! You have to watch the new Real World Challenge trailer! c:

I SAW IT my heart is squealing because CT is on it so all is right wif the world, one of the greatest shows omg

A girl came into work today and smelled so pretty and she mentioned it was something she put on after a shower called “morning glory”, does anyone know what this might be? Googling it brings up tons of results so JUST CURIOUS

playing with this big baby that snuck away from home til his parents get here. or just let me keep him pls

Anonymous: Where did you find that beautiful white dress at?

Anthropologie my love!