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Gisele Bundchen photographed by Perry Gordon for Vogue Russia September 1998

to anyone that watches teen wolf: i literally feel an aching void in my chest from last nights episode


"Wylie & Sofya," featuring Wylie Hays and Sofya Titova, photographed by Cara Stricker for Oyster (#103).


"Going Rogue": Claire Danes by Cass Bird for The New Times T Style Travel Fall 2012

Pls don’t make me get up

If I opened a P.O. box, how many of you would write me letters? You wouldn’t have to tell me who you are, not even a name if you don’t want to. You can write it like it’s for someone else entirely, someone you know you can’t or shouldn’t send it to. You can tell me secrets. Tell me if you want me to write back. Tell me what you think of the world that day.

I just really think it would be nice to look forward to these kind of things.

I accidentally had a ton of gluten and now my body is fucking me royally for it I will literally be pissed at myself for a week

Trying to justify buying 300 dollar Karen Walker sunglasses