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Diana Georgie by Ted Emmons


(this feeling in my memory)


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Anonymous: Hey Shanny, i need your help please. I think that one of my friends might be suffering from panic/anxiety attacks. I know you mentioned you had them too sometimes so i was wondering if you could tell me, what kind of symptoms/sensations do you experience when you start to feel one coming on? I know it's different for some people but i'm just a little worried so i'm trying to get as much information for him as possible. Thanks so much. Hope all is well.

Aw shucks :( that’s never something I want to hear at all. I mean, ugh I don’t know just thinking about it makes me fidgety and anxious, but everything I experience physically is kind of just a dulled version of the really intense one I had, which was the first, a few years ago. It starts usually (for me) with an intense heat that just swells in my chest (thats pretty much when i know i’m not in control of it), and then my heart will start accelerating and palpitating. I almost always have to be by myself when this happens because idk, literally the sound of someones voice around me makes me have even more anxiety, which doesn’t make sense. The only place I want to be during one is in the hospital because I know if something happened they would be there to help it professionally. The scariest part I guess for me was the fact that my heart would literally skip around at different paces, it would stop a few seconds, then chug really thick, and you just can’t breathe. It’s one of the most terrifying and misunderstood feelings and I wouldn’t wish it on anybody. The paranoia that comes with it too is just idk… darker than I can explain. It’s so hard to dig yourself out of the fact that you feel like you’re going to die, or that your heart is going to stop and give up on you. I remember laying in the hospital bed after the first one I had gotten and I was getting panic attacks/flares of it for nearly 7 hours, and I just looked at my mom feeling like I would rather it just quit so I wouldn’t have to feel it anymore. It’s fucking awful, and I really hope your friend finds the right strengths and ways to cope with it, because its not something that can really just be “cured”. 

HELP I literally have an addiction to hot soy milk

Anonymous: hi shanny, was just wondering how much the tattoo on your wrist hurt when you got it done? I rly want a tattoo but my wrist is the only place I would consider getting it done, and many people I've asked say that it's one of the worst places to get a tattoo

It literally didn’t hurt me at all, I dunno I have a pretty good pain tolerance with piercings and stuff like that so maybe I’m not the right person to ask, but I kind of liked how it felt? I dunno, it wasn’t bad at all if you ask me.

so starting next semester i’m transferring schools and starting up with the veterinary program to become a vet assistant until i work my degree up to be a veterinarian. my dad isn’t too pleased about it, because i’m a few credits into my business bachelor degree, but that’s not what i want to do, that shit doesn’t interest me on my last dying day. 

i want to work with puppies, and kittens, and help animals and give them treats and lovins when they’re scared to come to the vet. i know realistically theres a lot more scarier and awful things ill have to face, but I’ve come to the conclusion that i don’t want to work with people, i want to work with animals.

idk, literally all i do with my life is homework and watch supernatural really

Literally sick of negatively bashing my body and how out of shape I’ve let myself get.

Time to get back into the habit of daily running. I was so much littler and healthier :,(

I really don’t think I could ever date someone that smokes. Just being around them when they do makes the smell stick to your hair and clothes and god I can’t stand it, it makes me feel dirty plus the kisses taste gross!!!!

you know you’re addicted when #vanillasoysteamers #every #damn #day

teen wolf tonight STILES I fucking cannot do it