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Anonymous: You are so fucking beautiful. You are wifey material. If I lived near you I would be so happy that I may even have a shot with you because I wouldn't fuck up our relationship if I was lucky enough to date you. You're absolutely perfect and I recognize this. I wouldn't just tell you how beautiful and perfect you are, I'd show it through actions. God Shanny, you're going to make some man or woman incredibly happy one day

what is THIS oh my god? stop you make me want to just squeal and curl up in warm cozy things this is so sweet. I’ve got my flaws n stubborn ass moments bb trust me, i’m sure i’m a pain somehow but this is so lovely to hear, or imagine that someone sees me that way that’s never even met me personally. you’re a sweet patootie. cmere, who are you.

O hi

this should not even fucking be allowed are you shitting me with this

get tan 2014

I really don’t know how to handle people that you literally cannot say anything about yourself to without them responding with a way to compare it to themselves so the conversation revolves around them. jesus nothing irritates me more

the challenge free agents tho

can I just marry CT and Jess pls

Does anyone know any good books or sites that I can follow that deal with getting more extensively into yoga/becoming a yogi? There are hundreds of yoga positions and stretches out there, and I kind of want guided stepping stones as to ones that are increasingly more difficult that i can continue to work to until I master them.

Any suggestions?

I put together my first official ikea piece wif little cupboards and everything yeeeeeee happy

in Japan, 

what should be done is called honne,
while what one really feels, is tatemae.