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Anonymous: dude, you look like chloe grace moretz!

o goooooood you have no idea how often i get this


i know it sounds the most cliche in the world, but i’m real damn good at pushing people away

its like my brain lets me get excited about things, gives me that initial excitement and that giddiness whenever you’re around that person, you know just a cute little taste, and then day by day it just steals away my interest and pushes me into this little shell that doesn’t want to talk, doesn’t want to hang out, just wants to be alone

it’s like some defense mechanism that i don’t fucking know how to control and i’m really starting to wonder how long this is going to keep up

you know some assholes deserve to get pushed out of my life and i’m thankful that i was able to look past them, but there’s some good ones

and there’s a good one right now and god dammit its just happening all over again and its like all i can do is sit and watch, but they don’t believe me. i don’t know how they could. 

why would anyone believe i’m not in control.

why is this still relevant

why have i still not figured this out




dean trying to get cas laid is possibly the most precious thing I’ve ever seen

Anonymous: Wow, really? Way to be a jerk about someone being lonely. Loneliness is usually a very sad and personal thing. How would you feel if someone had that same reaction towards you if you told them something personal? Do you really not see how that was kind of shitty of you?

No, not really. I didn’t respond shitty to them, but it’s fair game for me to have my own opinion. I refuse to get close to people who constantly are vocal about how lonely they are, because I don’t want to be with anyone who doesn’t know how to be alone. It just forms dependent and unhealthy relationships, and I’ve had my fair share of those. I’ve learned what its like to be on my own and be happy with that, and I can’t be with someone who can’t enjoy their own personal space when we’re together. Who can’t sit in the same room with me and consider that company, too. 

Especially given that, most of the people I hear it from have given the people around them every reason to leave, probably a lot sooner than they did.

So no, I don’t fit it shitty of me to be cautious getting close to people who outright tell me that they’re lonely. I don’t want someone wanting me because they’re lonely, and when you’re lonely lets face it, you’ll do anything to remedy it. Unfortunate thing is, they’re not realizing that until their own company soothes it, no one else’s will. It’s all just placeholders until they finally realize it. 

See thats the thing, I’ve learned and I’m growing, I’m blooming and I would always be there for someone as a friend who is feeling that way, but pursuing them in a relationship? I couldn’t. I wouldn’t want to go back down that road again.

I have my opinions and you have yours, consider it shitty all you want.


dean: where the hell have you been?

cas: jerusalem

dean: oh! how was it!?


Tavi Gevinson; photographed by Petra Collins

I miss my puppy today, more than usual. Kissing my tattoo and thinking about you bub.

Anonymous: I want the beautiful parts of you to touch the ugly parts of me. I think we'd make each other better people. I'd make you so safe. You'd make me so uneasy. Let's build a boat. Let's take it into a stormy sea and leave the life vest on the shore.

My heart. Be my little flower.

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i used to want to hurry out of the shower to write down all of the things that came to mind but i slowly realized it never sounds as pretty as it does under the water, so i keep it in


Free Like A Bird of The Holders | Kristy Kaurova by Jenny Gage and Tom Betterton

i don’t know, sometimes you just have to let yourself fail a test and tell yourself its ok


Habits Prives | Chrystele Saint Louis Augustin by Marc Hispard


Diana Georgie by Ted Emmons


(this feeling in my memory)