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Cinnamon pancakes and a piping soy vanilla latte with whip cream and cinnamon on top.

Treating myself this morning.

a silent home, natural morning light and indulgence at its finest. I’ve been forcing myself awake earlier to spend time with the mornings, all that’s getting done more than before is books. always books.




sleepingtigers said: date me

u better stop tempting me or i’ll actually come to see you this time, kiss u for real


NO U, u babe

It’s rainy and gloomy here today and I’m out of class and sleepy so I could make us chai or cocoa and we can do the coziest cuddliest things ever ok ok ok ok come :(


sleepingtigers said: date me

u better stop tempting me or i’ll actually come to see you this time, kiss u for real



I only surround myself with people who understand that sometimes I am sad and that that sadness is not a reflection of them and there are parts of my life that aren’t about them. There is no room for anybody who can’t comprehend that my heavy heart is mine to carry and that I will sometimes struggle, but want space instead of help. Give me space to carry my weight. Do not give me guilt. Do not ask me to explain. If I’m walking from room to room turning off the lights it is because I want to have the darkness for awhile. Don’t try to turn my lights back on when I’m trying to have my darkness. Let me have it.

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Anonymous: write a novel. for me. please.

i’ve been wanting to put something together to get published for the longest time now, but it wouldn’t be a novel, or a book of poetry, it’d just be a bunch of pages clustered together of thoughts and misplaced emotions and feelings i didn’t know what to do with and i’m afraid it won’t make any sense. like there’s no organization to it but that’s the thing, that’s how it is all wrapped up in my mind so i just spit it out that way and i can’t change it. 

Anonymous: i'm the same & being this way has left me with few friends, i find college and life in general so stressful that it's just easier to get a hot candle lit bubble bath, cosy pjs and throw a tub full of detergent on your bed sheets and cocoon all weekend. people don't understand the complex anxieties of life the way i do so they try with you then end up going away for good. i've come to the conclusion these people aren't worth my time so ama drink tea, read gorgeous books & cocoon the weekend away

thank you for this. i’m not thanking you for knowing what it’s like to curl away from the world whenever there’s the slightest bit of stress, but just that i can relate all of this jumbled mess of thoughts to someone out there doing the same that i am. lush bubble baths, hot chai lattes and having relationships with tv series, it’s just how it is

s4e1 i have officially met castiel, i repeat i have met cas

thupernatural   4   days  

guys i just need to express something and maybe i deserve every ounce of it but it really just makes me sad sometimes when people don’t understand the way i manage my stress, when i’m not in school i talk endlessly and i am in touch 24/7 and that accessible to just text you all day long, but when the semester starts the only way i can handle the stress of it is to take a lot more time for myself and spend more time with myself

and i get that maybe it’s hard to understand for people who don’t do the same, i get that maybe it’s unfair of me to make myself so there only to suddenly take myself away from these people, but the thing that bothers me is that they start doing it back, only on purpose

they pull back, too. they say they understand and then gradually they just pull themselves out of your life because they can’t accept what it’s like to have someone there without them being there constantly. i don’t know if it’s that too many people don’t know how to appreciate the time they have alone, but i can’t help but feel they do it out of spite and it doesn’t make sense to me

i just don’t get it.

god, the preview for the movie “Her” really hit home to me, there was one line in particular that just struck me down the very little petite fragile strings holding my heart in place and fuck, i just can’t help but think it’s helping me figure out exactly what it is that’s wrong with me when it comes to sharing me with someone else

"You always wanted to have a wife without the challenges of actually dealing with anything real.”

i don’t know what i want, ever. Am I in this because I’m just not strong enough for a real relationship?”

"I can feel the fear that you carry around, I wish I could help you let go of it because I don’t think you’d feel so alone anymore."

i buy books when my anxiety acts up because i like knowing there is dozens of little worlds constantly around me that i can sink into if this one gets too rough

I lose a lot of people because I become even more introverted when the school semester starts back up and I wish more people would just understand so I wouldn’t have to feel like I need to constantly explain myself to everyone that comes into my life


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