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it’s cute when boys in class tuck their pencil behind their little ears ugh focus shanny focus

Anonymous: Why is your spelling and grammar so fucking atrocious in your latest post? 'Dis n dat n well both get blah blah'. I thought you had an appreciation for literature, which is why I follow you.

hey because it’s the internet and I’m not always in the mood to plant flowers around my words for others appeasement. i don’t know if it’s an appreciation of the language or just how things bleed out of me, but I’m not constantly striving to sound poetic. sometimes I like to just type casual and lazy, if that ruins the reason you follow me I guess you have no reason to anymore. to each his own.

Anonymous: I wanna wrap you in my coziest blanket, it's orange and it smells like hot chocolate in a freezing January morning. I wanna listen to your voice or if you don't wanna talk I could just stare at you but if you don't like that that's okay too, and if you don't want it anymore I won't hold that against you, you can go and have other cold mornings with someone else. You don't have to like me for a long time, you don't have to like anybody for a long time. But right now I want to be where you are

you are a fucking beautiful soul, i just keep sitting here and reading this and thinking about traveling between cold mornings with different bodies and just, gskjdhkjre. what are you doing to my heart? it’s so rare for something someone writes me to ignite this lil ember in my chest using me to write. 



so who wants to be my cute pen pal valentine and send each other a little letter and a tiny box of cute things

Anonymous: SHANNY YOU HAVE ME HOOKED ON MINIME UGHHHH I seriously can't stop playing, and I'm so frustrated because I've wasted all my donuts on trying to get the luxurious pigtails that you've got so I was just gonna ask if you have a second you can trade me? I don't have much to give back except the luxurious wave? :/


Anonymous: Shanny what's your mimime code thing?? :)

To add me or enter my code? To add me you go to friends and type “lunasbear” in the search and I should come up! I’m not positive how the code works but you can find what yours is in your settings!

If I post all the cute apps I play and how you can add me would you guys come be my frens? ;,)

Anonymous: What's your minime name shanny? :)

It’s “lunasbear” ADD ME

pepperjack cheese is my shit when I’m drunk

Anonymous: Baby girl, the boy who makes you feel like you are the only one in the world, the boy who would give up anything just to be with you, the boy who steals your heart, and breaks it, and mends it at the same time is the boy you should let in. Love hurts more than anything but you will know when that boy (or girl) comes along, you will know... In the meantime, just let these boys love you..

I try telling myself that the right one won’t have me pulling myself away or losing interest, because it only seems to make sense. Yet sometimes I can’t help but feel like my brain just pulls me back from every single one of them and I can only just watch it happen.

Anonymous: I feel so fucking sorry for you. Oh wait, no I don't. I feel fucking sorry for the guys who fall in love with you, and watch you disappear. The guys who are left there, collapsing on missing limbs, broken and alone. Thanks.

I feel sorry for them too.

I don’t know how to want anyone for a long time anymore

Cinnamon pancakes and a piping soy vanilla latte with whip cream and cinnamon on top.

Treating myself this morning.