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idk i get really pissed when someone walks into my room when I’m lounging lazy in my zone on my laptop like can u not


Haider Ackermann at 119 Corbo

Anonymous: could you please make some pretty little two column themes shanny? :)


Anonymous: Two nights ago was the first time that I've missed you missed you in forever. Missed us. I havent stopped thinking about you since, and I'm not sure why, or if you ever miss me like that, too.

siGH i don’t know who this is my gut failed me ok

on that sleepy grind

this is the first time sleeping without a shirt on what have I been doing my whole life

do u ever just think about someone and think
I could like the shit out of u

Anonymous: But how do you get the little hello kitty icons on the side!

OK I’m going to make this my first FAQ answer n make a page for them and everything ok?! I’ll let you know when it’s up.



Anonymous: Can you release your current theme? It's awesome and you're really talented at making them!

AHHH thank you babe, good news I have it up! It’s the dandelion theme

Hi i did my meow liner for the first time in ever shannys back

Anonymous: Do you smoke?

Nupe, not cigarettes or that gud gud. Just isn’t my thing.