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i know it sounds the most cliche in the world, but i’m real damn good at pushing people away

its like my brain lets me get excited about things, gives me that initial excitement and that giddiness whenever you’re around that person, you know just a cute little taste, and then day by day it just steals away my interest and pushes me into this little shell that doesn’t want to talk, doesn’t want to hang out, just wants to be alone

it’s like some defense mechanism that i don’t fucking know how to control and i’m really starting to wonder how long this is going to keep up

you know some assholes deserve to get pushed out of my life and i’m thankful that i was able to look past them, but there’s some good ones

and there’s a good one right now and god dammit its just happening all over again and its like all i can do is sit and watch, but they don’t believe me. i don’t know how they could. 

why would anyone believe i’m not in control.

Anonymous: I'm sure you could guess who it is.

ya, no, i tried that and i don’t really have the energy for guessing games so i guess i’ll just never know unless you decide to actually tell me.

Lea Seydoux by Eliot Lee Hazel for Bullet, 2011




A detail of an Anne Demeulemeester dress in “To Be Your Friend” for Lula #8 Spring/Summer 2009 photographed by Sandra Freij


 Mariacarla Boscono by Zoe Ghertner for Hermes Fall/Winter 2013 Catalogue


Ph. Lars Botten


"Feminine, Sexy, And Subtly Provocative : Classic Clothes That Won’t Fail To Seduce", Marie Claire US, August 1997Photographer : Walter ChinModel : Kim Iglinsky


Valerie Chiang

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I put up a tutorial for that on the FAQ page love!