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Anonymous: can I ask what happened with you and that guy from a month ago or whatevs? I read about the predicament you were in and the conflicting feelings and such, I was in a similar situation a while ago and idk I'm just interested to know how you dealt with it <3

I just suddenly got really annoyed with him, it quite literally happened out of nowhere and for awhile I felt awful because I couldn’t understand why, didn’t know what to tell him when he asked what happened. It’s more so how he responded to my brief lil distance that made me cut things off, I spent so much time trying to figure out what was wrong and it was driving me insane with stress, and he told me I had some sort of problem that I needed to figure out, that people don’t just “stop liking someone”, but that’s what happened. Then one night after an exhaustive argument with him I laid in bed and realized nothing is wrong with me, that if my gut is pulling me away then I have to listen, because our greatest instrument is ourself. I just have to tell myself if he was anywhere near right for me I would have never gotten tired of spending time with him. He also didn’t understand personal space and took it as me being unaffectionate that I wanted nights to myself sometimes, which I definitely can’t handle. I enjoy my alone time just as much as the company of who I’m with, it’s just not like me to be clingy in a healthy situation.

Anonymous: Are you lesbian/bi? sorry if this is rather intrusive, but I know you like Jensen and you seem to like girls..I mean it could just be beauty. Don't feel obligated to answer if you're not comfortable!

I’m bisexual, yes. I’m wildly attracted to girls just as much as I am the next handsome hunk to pass me by. I’ve been in relationships with both and they are either heavier with emotional attraction or physical attraction, but I haven’t found anyone that balances them out yet. Not uncomfortable at all! Cheers lovely.

i started watching supernatural and now i can’t stop


“Risveglio”. Photographed by Jan Welters for D La Repubblica delle Donne March 2004


Paul Hernandez


Katya Riabinkina backstage at Valentino Fall/Winter 2013 photographed by Lea Colombo


Montana Cox by Pierre Toussaint


Freja for Chanel

Anonymous: to me, you resemble Penny from the Big Bang Theory!

I don’t see it at all but she is precious so I’ll take it as a compliment!

Anonymous: You are never on here anymore :(

BABY I KNOW, I’ve been working so much (holidays u g h) and then when I’m rarely off I just really want to do nothing besides watch supernatural bc jensen and read when I have the mental energy. I’m gonna try to be on more now cause I miss all of you!

fuckinggirlpower: hi shannon how were your holidays?!

Hi lil bean! My holidays were wonderful, as relaxed as I needed them to be! I had Christmas even and Xmas off so that was nice, we just spent it here with a little piece of family and made a yummy dinner and all opened gifts. I basically didn’t ask for much and thankfully my momma knows me well and got me a bunch of HK stuff and sleepy, cozy things. This year went by scary fast and with the hours I’ve been working it didn’t leave much time for it to actually FEEL like the holidays, but I soaked up as much laziness and comfiness as I could the past few days! I hope yours was well too love bug! 

a girl asked me to write “too turnt” as the name for her starbucks cup today

you need to stop

idc about anything because jensen ackles goodnight