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Breathless (1960)

Anonymous: Should I tell my best friend that I love him even though he's dating someone else

If he’s happy, no. I dunno, when people are in relationships I think it’s important to respect that. That’s just me though.



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ever (u)

Anonymous: Give us details on your babe! :)

I think it’s better left off of social media but his name is Tully and he gets me hot chocolate every night we go out and calls me pretty girl and doesn’t allow just one kiss at a time and he has a cute little cowlick in his hair right near the front and his right dimple is bigger than the other and when he whistles it sounds like an old fashioned record. he hums almost every time we kiss and really likes my butt so that’s always nice.


"schmoking a cigarette"
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Giles spring 2014 rtw backstage


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by Inge Morath

It was probably nothing but it felt like the world.

Morrissey, Autobiography (p. 141)

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