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Kate Moss for Vogue in 1993 by Corinne Day

Anonymous: hiya shanny, i know you used to work at starbucks and i was thinking of trying to get a part-time job there to earn some extra money. just wanted to know if it was a good experience for you? what exactly does the job entail and do u get free coffee (hehe)? thanks bunny, all my love xx

i still do work there! technically its not a starbucks its a barnes n noble cafe, but we serve their coffee so we make all the same drinks and stuff. i can say i’d definitely recommend it but only because i love the atmosphere of it, the cafe vibes and scents, it does get kind of crappy during holidays and like any job that deals with people you have to deal with the grouches. we don’t get free coffee but you get discounts that make it thuper cheap, so that’s nice too. all jobs have their ups and downs but its my kind of thing so i really like it!

Anonymous: Your blog got really boring and you are no longer interesting to me.

hey thanks for letting me know man namaste

idk i get really pissed when someone walks into my room when I’m lounging lazy in my zone on my laptop like can u not


Haider Ackermann at 119 Corbo

Anonymous: could you please make some pretty little two column themes shanny? :)


Anonymous: Two nights ago was the first time that I've missed you missed you in forever. Missed us. I havent stopped thinking about you since, and I'm not sure why, or if you ever miss me like that, too.

siGH i don’t know who this is my gut failed me ok

on that sleepy grind

this is the first time sleeping without a shirt on what have I been doing my whole life

do u ever just think about someone and think
I could like the shit out of u

Anonymous: But how do you get the little hello kitty icons on the side!

OK I’m going to make this my first FAQ answer n make a page for them and everything ok?! I’ll let you know when it’s up.