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cozy just got coziest w my girl hk

For those of you that celebrate it, Happy Thanksgiving my cute lil babes! I hope you all have the loveliest of days, and end it with full tummies curled up in a warm, cozy bed.


fucking shit catching fire was so good


touch a face with your eyes closed / know that every moment is unrepeatable and sacred / take a deep breath and tell the truth / let go of your perception of need / attach a love note to the steering wheel / learn to be in the world with a quiet mind

Anonymous: What seasonal holiday Starbucks drink would you recommend? :o I got a caramel brûlée latte today and it tasted like a caramel latte and I was disappointed ._.

Haha caramel brûlée is just a creamier caramel so that’s why lil bug! A lot of people seem to like the salted caramel mocha, I don’t prefer salt but it has a toffee nut flavoring in it so that’s pretty good. I honestly just always get iced chai lattes because I’m addicted, or a vanilla and hazelnut cream steamer (hot milk n those flavors). Sorry I suck at suggestions, I like our regular drinks better than the seasonal! Try an iced hazelnut macchiato with a pump of raspberry. Heaven.

The junction where being entirely sick of someone and pained over the thought of losing them is an awful place.

Anonymous: Would you ever date a girl

you’re a few years late