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A detail of an Anne Demeulemeester dress in “To Be Your Friend” for Lula #8 Spring/Summer 2009 photographed by Sandra Freij


 Mariacarla Boscono by Zoe Ghertner for Hermes Fall/Winter 2013 Catalogue


Ph. Lars Botten


"Feminine, Sexy, And Subtly Provocative : Classic Clothes That Won’t Fail To Seduce", Marie Claire US, August 1997Photographer : Walter ChinModel : Kim Iglinsky


Valerie Chiang

Anonymous: How do you get the little hello kitty thing at the side? xx

I put up a tutorial for that on the FAQ page love!


Kate Moss for Vogue in 1993 by Corinne Day

Anonymous: hiya shanny, i know you used to work at starbucks and i was thinking of trying to get a part-time job there to earn some extra money. just wanted to know if it was a good experience for you? what exactly does the job entail and do u get free coffee (hehe)? thanks bunny, all my love xx

i still do work there! technically its not a starbucks its a barnes n noble cafe, but we serve their coffee so we make all the same drinks and stuff. i can say i’d definitely recommend it but only because i love the atmosphere of it, the cafe vibes and scents, it does get kind of crappy during holidays and like any job that deals with people you have to deal with the grouches. we don’t get free coffee but you get discounts that make it thuper cheap, so that’s nice too. all jobs have their ups and downs but its my kind of thing so i really like it!

Anonymous: Your blog got really boring and you are no longer interesting to me.

hey thanks for letting me know man namaste