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What are some blogs yall follow that give a good knowledge base on how to properly workout; like different muscle groups and dividing the workouts into days etc? I want to try to do on my own what a trainer could bring to me but my lack of actual knowledge makes me hesitant.


the concept of writing as anything other than pure survival to me is completely bizarre

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Anonymous: You are absolutely beautiful.

There’s lil bits of sunrays in these words, and now you’ve tucked some in my heart so I can give them out to this pretty, cruel world and you’re lovely for that.

cradle my jaw and grab a palmful of my butt when we’re making out and i’m yours i swear it


cancers are sweet and disarming in appearance, its really like you just want to crawl into their lap and let them hold you. they are maternal and sympathetic people who try extremely hard to get out of their ‘down’ moods. sometimes they just want to be alone so they can’t hurt anybody

i want to make more cute themes but i also need ideas for more cute themes // things that are wanted in cute themes


Tauba AuerbachMesh/Moire IV, 2012Color aquatint etching40 1/4 x 30 in.

I have really precious lingerie just for myself and I am happy about it.


Matthew Tammaro


I covered my cat in flowers