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Backstage at Prada F/W 2014


Georgia May Jagger for Vogue UK march 2014 by Tyrone Lebon


Ph: Fausto Elizalde

Maybe I should make an Instagram tag so that I can follow all of the lovely things those of you that decide to take the journey with me post. Whether it be quotes, what happiness you’ve found that day, what’s made you feel lighter.

Who would be up for doing that? Id follow the # on Instagram and maybe even here as well. It’ll be like one big group of lovebugs spreading positivity and love!

I’ve decided to dedicate this summer to ridding my life of every negative energy and being. All of the negative people, the habits, the mindsets, everything toxic is being let go & I’m going to be delving deeper into myself than I ever have.

This is going to be a selfish summer of self discovery and sunlight, and nothing but positive energy and love around me.

My Instagram will most likely be drastically changing to share what I find along the way, perhaps even a username change. For now you can find me at @sleepypwincess - feel free to join in on the journey.

Anonymous: HII! I hope today is as lovely as you are! :) I was wondering what apps you use for Instagram photos. Such as editing photos and more specifically how do you get the white background without the instagram filter changing the white background, like prevent it from making it a creamy color. (if that makes any sense) Thank you ever so much!!

It does make sense love! I’ve had the same problem. You’ll want to edit it with an app that allows you to both edit the photo and crop it with the white background! Then you just upload right to Instagram. I personally use & adore “Afterlight”, so I highly suggest it!

lavernasgh: Are you going to do the pen pal thing that you mentioned before? I've been following you on your life journey for a couple of years now and I'd love to write to you!

Oh gosh I just heavily admired you through your Instagram and you are so lovely. I really need to get one, I can’t imagine how happy it’d make me to get all sorts of letters. I will do it, and soon, I promise! Just keep checking in.

photographed by Fanny Latour-Lambert for Bare-Journal #1 Spring 2014


Gisele Bundchen photographed by Perry Gordon for Vogue Russia September 1998

I really want to publish just a tiny disorganized book of writings, both ones I’ve had up here and ones that’ve stayed tucked away in journals and on various scraps of paper. But I have no idea how to go about doing that.