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Anonymous: ok so just yesterday i was thinking about your writing for some reason and reading some old stuff and you should absolutely make a book of your writings/open up a PO box because i think you would be the loveliest pen pal and i'd send you cozy letters.

I really need to do this. I can’t imagine bringing him oodles of letters every week from all of you, giving people an outlet that can be entirely anonymous. It’s just jksdhjres it’s such a beautiful idea and I really need to just go through with it. I should do that this week, yes?

nicolestjohnn: You answered that last question so perfectly. Someone always comes.

It’s such a powerful thought! It honestly is, ugh it literally digs right down into my bones. I’ve even thought of getting it tattooed somewhere petite and hidden, like my own lil message to my body whenever it needs it for those aches & loneliness that sweeps in every once in awhile.

Someone always comes.

Anonymous: do you think i will found again someone who i will be happy and feel myself around? do you think this is possible?

It’s strange, that the first thing I thought of when I read this is what I’ve adopted some sort of mantra for when I found myself feeling too consumed. The last time I allowed myself to feel something for someone, I couldn’t help but to sit alone back in my bedroom and tell myself ‘someone always comes’, that there is always more, that there is always someone else even if you couldn’t bare to fit them inside of you. Even when you don’t want them to. You’d think that would be something you’d tell yourself when you don’t feel as if you have anyone, you know? But it’s a terrifying and beautiful thought. Just tell it to yourself, lay down and close your eyes and just murmur it even in your head if you have to, and I promise it’ll warm you even a little bit. Someone always comes. 


Anna Ilnytska for A4 issue #45 2007 by Debora Mittelstaedt

close-knit | hannah holman by lena c. emery for tank

Anonymous: Are you rich? How do afford to buy such expensive stuff when you work at Starbucks?

I’m curious as to what expensive things you think I have? Anything that I spend a good amount of money on I save up for, I’m no different than any other college student working their way through loans at minimum wage. If I want something, I’ll budget so that I can get it. 

his kisses like little individual poems. 


Lamair Studio, Mattress SS14 Collection


gisele bündchen by david sims for i-D 


"Gros Plans Ennoir et Blanc", ELLE France, October 1990Photographer: Thierry GearonModel: Ilonka Topemberg