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You have such a February face,
So full of frost, of storm, and cloudiness.

Don Pedro to Benedick, in Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing 5.4.41-42   (via likeanoldstory)

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Maria Ke Fisherman Fall 2014

sometimes i’m terrified by how content i am to be completely alone

Anonymous: its been a long time since i curled up in the dark and the silence with your words, but the light is glowing pink tonight and it is 4:40 am and a no sleep sunday and the taste of maple lip balm and strong black coffee from a glass mason jar, small yellow post it notes and messy black ink scrawl, highlighted pages. i think, of the thirty or so people in this house, i am the only one awake, and i think i like it that way. i'd let you write yourself all over so many moments, i wouldn't mind at all.

i don’t know if you knew what you were doing, but the sensory details in this have officially ripped my heart into tiny little fragmented pieces and i don’t even want to pick them all up because its the best kind of ache okay. this is fucking lovely, please share your wonderful mind more often with me.

dear spn fans:

take this moment

to crawl into shannys arms

and lemme hold u okay

i will even kiss ur forehead.

life at this moment. soft blanket candles and s9e3, my poor babes.


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Anonymous: Hi, I love your themes they are so simple yet so great. I always say less is more hah... but I was just wondering if you could make a three column theme (w/ the reblogged pictures not so big) with endless scrolling & shows your avatar kind of like the white tree house theme on tumblr. I was just wondering but if you don't want to make it thats okay i still love your themes :) have a good one

I can definitely do that :) I’ll get working on it soon lovely!

I’ve decided to dedicate this summer to ridding my life of every negative energy and being. All of the negative people, the habits, the mindsets, everything toxic is being let go & I’m going to be delving deeper into myself than I ever have.

This is going to be a selfish summer of self discovery and sunlight, and nothing but positive energy and love around me.

My Instagram will most likely be drastically changing to share what I find along the way, perhaps even a username change. For now you can find me at @sleepypwincess - feel free to join in on the journey.

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