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I’m looking for a live stream link for my friend to watch tonights premiere of SOA, does anyone know of one that will work? Pwease!

Hi buttercups. 


To all my babes:

I want to take a minute to let you know how much I’ve missed being here. I logged on this morning after lying in bed thinking about how long it’d been and I almost feel foreign on my own blog. I have so many messages asking where I am, where I’ve been, that you guys miss me and my writing, etc, and it’s digging an ache into my chest. Honestly. I never meant to up and “disappear” from here, and I know a lot of you followed me religiously and checked back all the time for my ramblings, or my writings, or just shanny being shanny. You’ve asked what I’ve been up to, to give you some sort of update, tell you what’s been happening, but really there isn’t much to tell, babes. 

The past few months I’ve become far more subdued, I’ve drifted from a pretty solid number of friends because of the fact that I’ve just required a lot of time alone, and I’m still not sure whether I deserve that time or if it reflects off as me just being an unreliable friend to them. I don’t know how anyone takes it. I know friends have been getting frustrated with me because I don’t text them as much as I used to, because I won’t sit on my phone and text them repeatedly with a conversation like I used to, but I for some reason just can’t be bothered with it all. I don’t know how to sum up what’s happened the past year of my life, or if it’s been wonderfully silent or terrifying all together, but the one damn thing I know to tell you, the one thing that’s taken up all of my energy: writing.

School and work are a hassle, they’re draining, but that’s not the reason I haven’t been coming on. There isn’t a reason for that that’d help you understand any more than I could give to the few I’ve slowly separated from. I’ve just been consumed, thoughtfully, at least, and quite literally all I do with my free time is just that: write.

But I want to be back here, I miss the support, I miss all you lil tulips so much and the past few days or so I’ve been thinking of revamping everything. Restarting my themes page and making a resource page to go along with it. Getting out a small book of my writings that you haven’t seen if any of you would be interested. Opening that P.O. box so that you all can write to someone with no filter, whether you send it anonymously or not. It’s hard to promise that I’ll be here again like I used to be, like I always was, but I feel this ridiculous wanting and ebbing wrapped around my heart to do that, not just for you but for myself. 

So I dunno, once again I know it’s been awhile. I hope ya’ll still lub me, because I’m still shanny okay.


wcw wcw wcw wcw xamillion


Tunbridge Wells

Anonymous: I remember you being 18 years old and now you're 22!!! oh god, girl!! happy birthday <3


guys i’m 22 today :’)

one of my coworkers/friends asked me what I wanted for my birthday and I told him a puppy, so after his shift he comes back an hour later with this baby, and he even named him after the luv babe of my life. you know you have incredible friends when.

haven&#8217;t shown you guys my mug in a weely long time, so hi heres shanny. i&#8217;m having a bonfire tonight with close friends as an early birthday get together, birthdays coming up on tuesday, and then new york new york on thursday for two weeks! KISSES U ALL.