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Oh my god that Vampire Diaries finale.

Oh my god. I just finished watching it and I can’t even. What is this. Oh my god. I am in awe when Elena and Stefan kissed I could have died FUCKING FINALLY YES FINALLY AND AS SOON AS DR FELL SAID THAT SHE HELPED ELENA I LITERALLY HELD MY BREATH I CANNOT BELIEVE THIS OMG. Elena and Stefan will live happily ever after forever as vampires. Oh my god. I AM SO FULL OF EMOTION RIGHT NOW I AM SO UPSET HOW CAN I WAIT MONTHS TO SEE ANOTHER EPISODE WHEN DOES SEASON 4 START WHY IS MY LIFE VAMPIRE DIARIES UGH UGH UGH UGH UGH UGH

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    I feel ya sister
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    I wanted Delena… but same her for TVD Being my life :D
  4. sailoramethyst said: Yeah but Elena said how she met Stefan first even REALLY she met Damon. Idk I could never choose between the two…
  5. elizabeth-is-such-a-long-name said: STELENA FOREVER but actually I’m seeing Damon + Elena next season but Rebekah and Elijah god please be regulars on the show Ric is dead no no no
  6. odious said: and have you read the books?
  7. alcoholickid said: Wat. Way to ruin it. I was for team Damon :c
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