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you’d never think bras could be so stressful

I am just going to sit here and sink into my bed and watch The Lucky One and sip on raspberry hot cocoa because fucking hell lets talk about those tender little aches and unbearable tugs on heart strings with this movie. 

give me all the hot twins there is always a hotter one i want them all

Laying outside on my back porch reading Language of Flowers, snacking on fruits, and listening to people kayak in the lake. Such a beautiful day.

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all i want at night is potatoes and cute boys

I opened the front door for him to leave and into the rain I whispered “au revoir” and the rain whispered back “a bientôt”

Ill see you soon.

sometimes Im just really not in the mood for someone to like me and it gives me anxiety thinking that being around them will heighten their feelings and I just CAN’T OK too much

guys anyone who watches The Voice you know Warren I just wanna make it public that I think he’s the biggest babe and he belongs with me because he’s got the sleepiest eyes

It’s strange how you can be with someone and when you lose them, a few months later they just don’t stir anything inside of you. You don’t feel any love or any pain and you barely even remember the period they were in your life. You never had them. They never had you. You just know the things that makes this person angry, and they know what makes you cry. Other than that you’re just strangers. So familiar its foreign.

i don’t smoke but if i did it would be to Purity Ring and Purity Ring only

someone take a barefooted night walk with me and when we get back we can rinse off our dirty feet with the hose and climb into my bed (i promise the sheets are cold, all the fans are on and you won’t see a thing except for what you feel) and you can tuck a wildflower behind my ear that you picked up along the way, and i’ll read your palm and you can write me letters on my back with your finger tips and we’ll just fall asleep and it doesn’t need to be anything more than that

i want every single dress from free people god dammit why can’t i afford life

i wish it was illegal for boys to start developing feelings for you until you’ve established a solid and un-obligatory friendship i just hate borders being crossed so early on like no i can’t get to know you in an interested way just let me get to know you in a friend way and then maybe i’ll be interested why doesn’t anyone do that anymore