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Pumpkin spice lattes, comfy pjs, new fluffy down blanket, and Revenge all night.

early christmas tonight with momma and step dad, to new york on wednesday for two weeks to bring in the new year with my sister, dad, and family, and then to see my navy baby on new years day for the rest of that week :’) the best way to end and begin a new year.

75 cupcakes and 12 mini cheesecakes later

oh my GOD I love hearing frank scream SAAAAAAAAAMMMM on the challenge preview for the final next week omfg

So many people try to complicate love in trying to define it but you don’t need to, you just need to feel it. It’s such a deep and powerful emotion that demands attention, but it really is simple. Most are like well does I love you mean this or does it mean that, does it mean I’m ready to take things to the next step or take things more seriously, does it mean I want to get engaged does it mean I want to sleep with this person, does it mean I want to marry this person or does it mean I want this person always. And it doesn’t have to be any of that. It shouldn’t be. It should just be I love you, and that’s that.

owliv   ramblins  

♡ you’re irrelevant 

the law of attraction and thinking positively does so much more than most of you give it credit for don’t expect me to argue it any further, i can only hope some day you’ll be able to feel lightened by that knowing. 

literally feels like this robe is making love to my skin every time i move holy shit 

Probably going to deal with the guilt of just buying a Victoria’s Secret bra for a good three months or so

I gave my lil princess mouse a noodle and she takes it everywhere with her omg she brings it on her wheel to run with her and holds it up so she can nibble on it SO CUTE

my calc professors last name is moon and his initials spell out REM

best name ever

        d a v e    f r a n c o      

I really just want to stop studying and sketch pretty girls and listen to pretty music and watch endless tv series with over dramatic plots with worked in dysfunctional relationships because i love it okay

do you ever get so stressed out you just sit and cry bc thats me right now god jesus why can i not handle stress why can’t i handle anything some1 love me

Why is Jack from Revenge so fucking attractive stop