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I’ve been reading too many books, but they make such strong points that coincide with the way that I think about religions that I can’t help but to be consumed by it all.

In an era dominated by fervent spirituality, Francis Bacon demanded a separation of religion and science. “In every age, Natural Philosophy has had a troublesome adversary, namely, superstition, and the blind and immoderate zeal of religion. It is all the more important to guard against and check this foolishness, for an unhealthy mixture of the divine and the human leads not only to fanciful philosophy but also to heretical religion. The healthy course therefore is to keep a sober mind and give to faith only that which is faith’s. 

Moderates would defend the idea that reason can function alongside faith to reduce suffering, end disease, and - by giving human beings greater power over nature - improve the conditions of everyday life.

"Man being the servant and the interpreter of Nature can do and understand so much and so much only as he has observed in fact or in thought of the course of Nature: beyond this he neither knows anything nor can do anything." 

Bacon warned against four “false notions” (Idols) that hinder clear and objective thinking. He observes that every culture and every age has “worshipped” the Idols. 

  1. Idols of The Tribe are deceptive ideas that have their foundations in human nature (our natural inclination to accept and believe what we prefer to be true). He points to the fact that human understanding is self-reflective; it functions like a false mirror, distorting universal truth. 
  2. Idols of The Cave derive from individual education and background. Asserting for instance that one or another religion is the true faith.
  3. The errors resulting from human association and communication, Idols of The Marketplace arise from an “ill or unfit choice of words.”
  4. Idols of the Theatre are false dogmas perpetuated by social and political philosophies and institutions. 

To purge the mind of prejudice and false thinking, one must, argued Bacon, destroy the Idols. 

Read not to contradict and confute; nor to believe or take for granted; nor to find talk and discourse; but to weigh and consider. Some books are to be tasted, others to be swallowed, and some few to be chewed and digested; that is, some books are to be read only in parts; others to be read, but not curiously; and some few to be read wholly, and with diligence and attention.

Furthermore, Rene Descartes put forth his own rules for reasoning: never accept anything as true that you do not clearly know to be true. He then proceeded to identify the first thing that he could not doubt - his existence as a thinking individual. This one clear and distinct idea of himself as a “thinking thing”, expressed in the proposition “Cogito, ergo sum” (“I think, therefore I am”) became a centerpiece to all arguments. For Descartes, the clear and unbiased mind was the source of all natural understanding. "Except for our own thoughts, there is nothing absolutely in our power." 

"It is common life to follow opinions which one knows to be most uncertain, exactly as though they were indisputable, and has been said above. But because in this case I wished to give myself entirely to the search after Truth, I thought that it was necessary for me to take an apparently opposite course, and to reject as absolutely false everything as to which I could imagine the least ground of doubt, in order to see if afterwards there remained anything in my belief that was entirely certain. Because our senses sometimes deceive us, I wished to suppose that nothing is just as they cause us to imagine it to be; while there are men who deceive themselves in their reasoning.

And since all the same thoughts and conceptions which we have while awake may also come to us in sleep, without any of them being at that time true, I resolved to assume that everything that ever entered into my mind was no more true than the illusions of my dreams. I saw that I could conceive that I had no body, and that there was no world nor place where I might be; but yet that I could not for all that conceive that I was not. On the contrary, I saw from the very fact that I thought of doubting the truth of other things, it very evidently and certainly followed that I was; on the other hand if I had only ceased from thinking, even if all the rest of what I had ever imagined had really existed, I should have no reason for thinking I had existed. From that I knew that I was a substance the whole essence or nature of which is to think, and that for its existence there is no need of any place, nor does it depend on any material thing; so that this “me”, that is to say, the soul by which I am what I am, is entirely distinct from body, and is even more easy to know than is the latter; and even if body were not, the soul would not cease to be what it is.”

As to the thoughts which I had of many other things outside of me, like the heavens, the earth, light, heat, and a thousand others, I had not so much difficult in knowing whence they came, because, remarking nothing in them which seemed to render them superior to me, I could believe that, if they were true, they were dependencies upon my nature, in so far as it possessed some perfection; and if they were not true, that I held them as so, that they were in me because I had something lacking in my nature. In this way it could but follow that it had been placed in be by a Nature which was really more perfect than mine could be, and which even had within itself all the perfections for which I could form any idea- which was God. 

He shared that God was neither Caretaker or personal Redeemer. Instead, Descartes identified God as “the mathematical order of nature.” A new position arose, in that “a universe is ruled only by the cause and effect of natural laws, without purpose or design.” Stripping God of his traditional role as Creator, Baruch Spinoza claimed “God exists only philosophically. God is neither behind, nor beyond, nor separate from nature but, rather, identical with it.” 

The thought of a God existing that created everything on earth to me is just absolutely ridiculous, I’m not saying that I don’t believe in God but I’m not saying that I do, either. I think everyone just wants someone that will take care of them instead of facing the reality that all of our entire power relies in ourselves and ourselves alone. 

In my opinion God is one limitless mind, and we are all of the same universal mind just individual pieces within it. I guess that I just choose to find faith in myself and other surroundings rather than putting my all into something that is narrowed down to a belief. I, myself, exist. I am solid and I am definite, and that to me is the only things worthwhile to put my control into.

p.s. gossip girl is literally just destroying every single cast member this season i don’t know why it’s all so reckless/careless but OH WELL 

I started revenge tonight o god just what I need another series obsession.

Thinking of getting “consciousness is temporary” tattooed while I’m in New York, kind of a meaning that our souls are all-pervading, full of knowledge, and that our bodies are temporary ignorance.

Whatever natural experiences you encounter, just accept them, don’t try to al­ter them, just take them as they come. Don’t arrogate to yourself the doership of anything. It is all just happening. Nature will take its course. It is only to be observed and understood. Nothing is to be done. All manifestation is conceptual. The ‘I am­ness’, the primary concept, which has remained unchanged at all times, is the highest God as far as this manifestation is concerned. But it has come in with time and will go out with time. Ultimately consciousness is temporary; your true reality is prior to the senses… spaceless, timeless, without attributes. Consciousness is a temporary condition which has come upon the total, timeless, spaceless, changeless state. It is a happening which has come and which will disappear.

taylor swift should have her own genre of music called “i’m single…… again”

My Dave Franco lookalike is sitting next to me for this test professor you don’t honestly expect me to pass

everything in vamps is all trust and relationship issues but is it bad that i like the fucked up versions best like elena + damon and tyler + haley and caroline + klaus 

I’m going to a Poetry Slam tomorrow at my friends apartment and I am making homemade cupcakes for it and everyone is likely speaking their poetry or singing or acting out anything they’d like, music and the yummiest of beverages will be present. God I luv my friends.

u know it’s so unattractive when guys text u basically when they just wanna hook up w/ u but it makes it really hard when they’re too attractive to be unattractive so catch 22 f me

there’s a big big big big big big white ring around the moon and i am laying on my porch and it is so weird okay it looks like the universe opened up and i am just laying here imagining things beyond it 

there is a huge ring around the moon so I am sitting out on my porch with a mug of cocoa so technically were exchanging rings so me and the moon are married.

god i seriously cannot handle people who refuse to see that happiness exists outside the realm of having someone and are too preoccupied with having someone to even realize that you can never really have someone, so many people say that they suffer from sadness when they’re the type of person filing through one person after the next and always always always always needing to be loved and consumed and i’m sorry but that’s complete and utter bullshit and frankly as i see it, if that’s the way you are still handling your happiness, your lack there of is your own damn fault. break out of the cycle and make yourself happy. make yourself happy.  make yourself happy. make yourself happy. make yourself happy. make yourself happy. make yourself happy. make yourself happy. make yourself happy. make yourself happy. make yourself happy. make yourself happy. make yourself happy. make yourself happy. make yourself happy. make yourself happy. make yourself happy. make yourself happy. make yourself happy. make yourself happy. 





























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