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Thankful to be alive…….. in the same atmosphere as Dave Franco.

NEW YORK FOR THE HOLIDAYS. This means ritual morning coffee runs and overloads of knit sweaters and knit stockings and knit boots and cute mittens and scarves to muffle and suffocate the heat into me even when I crawl into bed and heated blankets and my sister’s puppies and numb toes and fingers and nose and ears to the snow and hot cocoa on christmas eve and wrapping presents in the basement and soft christmas music over holiday cupcakes and cookies and a drunken new years and white grounds tinted orange with streetlights and a small cozy apartment and the only bed familiar to me besides my own and hurrying into front doors to escape the chill and chapped lips and sniffly noses and everything cinnamon and peppermint and hazelnut and powdered and steaming everything for any chance you get to warm your hands and heat cocooning you curled up in the passenger seat and huge dinners with an even bigger family and cute socks on wooden floors and piles of books on the floor beside my bed and curling into myself and curling into others and christmas hugs and christmas kisses and christmas morning with an eager ache in my chest and delirious enchanted hyper but sleepy eyes and stockings above the fireplace and falling asleep before the ball drops and cute crowns before midnight and champagne glasses and meeting and making more family and more kisses watching the NYC new years show and glittering and sequined everything and food and food and food and food and delicious snacks and the following morning when it’s all over and everyone is just happy or intriguingly sad and together and cuddled up cozy and comfortable with something that feels like home even if it’s not.

wow biebers acoustic performance right now fucking marry me jesus

When I meet someone that doesn’t leave me feeling intense, smothered by the night but by them instead, I keep them in my pockets.

sometimes i just like to leave little snippets of writing in people’s asks anonymously just to spread a lil warm love that’s coziest from a stranger

How sad it is that something like the mind exists in something that can die.

People are so quick to tell others with disorders that they’re “too this” and “too that” - they tell someone with panic disorder that they’re too dramatic and someone with depression that they’re too emotional, like these people don’t know this already. Like they don’t know that they live only in short bursts between attacks and pits, a brief moment where they actually feel like they’re okay and have any kind of control over themselves. You tell the person with panic disorder just relax. You tell the person with chronic depression just be happy. There’s nothing worth all of that stress and fatigue. Panic and depression are just as strong as addictions, you say that we feed off of it, that it seems like we crave it. And we do. Because our minds are so fixated that it gives up all control. You tell the one with panic disorder that they’re being irrational. The one with depression is just being downright ridiculous, pessimistic and stubborn. And you’re right. But don’t be so ignorant as to think we want to be this way. It’s not a quick fix. It’s an illness, much like that of which occupies those of you that speak down on them or give up on them or refuse to see it as a serious issue. We know that we are sick. We recognize it just as clearly as you do. But Until we learn how to dictate our own minds we feel as if we have no control. We do, but we don’t. It takes patience and strength to get through a disorder. All it takes is you thinking twice before opening your mouth to rid of the ignorance you’re consumed by. You aren’t telling us anything we don’t know. We know much more than you think. Now it’s your turn to gain some knowledge.

i need to workout but i feel like lately all i have time to do is bitch and homework

I think there is some vague pleasure in someone who knows all of the wrong ways to touch you.

There is no reason to vote because the winner has already been selected. Your Vote Doesn’t Count. 

I’m telling you jay z and beyonce are ruling the entire world.

honestly the only thing i want to be doing during this election nonsense is having yummy sex or something really that’s it

what if presidential elections are just a game and really its already planned out and the next few centuries are already planned out and jay z and beyonce are sitting in a room watching all of us squirm like little ants while they toast to champagne and illuminati and laugh about how naive we all are

a post in honor of dave franco’s “ja feel”

how can anyone honestly say you’re ignorant for being libertarian when the real ignorance lies in the people that try and harbor their beliefs onto other people and view them as less than a person if they aren’t shared with their views. politics turns people into the nastiest loud mouths just stop man

i bet the legal rights of my body as a woman that obama wins

oh wait