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I think its sad how cultured we all are to the point where enjoying things with just ourselves is something that’s almost looked down upon. Like it reflects a poor social status or social life because you treat yourself to things like the movies or a day out to pick wild flowers and walk through cricks. Things are so beautiful when you can enjoy them with yourself, and they can never be taken away from you. I don’t know, it just really bothers me that were so conditioned to thinking being alone is such an awful thing.

about to take myself on a movie date to see the place beyond the pines

Gluten free diet starting today.

i really just want to go to a backyard family get together of just a huge and incredible and loud spanish family and salsa dance with all of the guys and have delicious food with outdoor lanterns and music all god damn night

how the hell could anyone read their poetry in james franco’s poetry class though i mean honestly i’d just look at him all class and that’s enough poetry for me

adventure time and chowder on netflix goodbye world

so i made an okcupid like 6 months ago bc i was curious and ended up deactivating it about 2 weeks after and i reactivated it a few minutes ago and this is what i come back to (among like 98 others) :

I’ve seen you once I think in Waterford Lakes. I’m not expecting a whole lot of conversation to stem from that bit of information, but if you don’t mind me asking… are you into anal? 9/10, would pollinate.”


how acceptable is it to go and see a movie by yourself ok because i feel like no one i know will understand the sadness and delicious pain of it and i just want to be there on my own to let it soak me and completely ruin me and not have to talk to anyone about it after, just silently feel it

someone take me to see The Place Beyond the Pines PLEASE PLEASE U G H PLEASE

so who wants to come lounge around on a rainy night in undies and make homemade cookies and watch movies and pick our noses whenever we want

tell me names that are woodsy, like they came from some wanderlust and whimsical and traveling parents and they are just petite and cozy give me some names

I got the three of some of the best and loveliest compliments of my life all just today okay I am not ven bragging its just the best kinds of things to hear I don’t know: 1. I like your mouth 2. You look like you smell good and 3. Whenever I read John Greenes books I always imagine you as the girl, you are so beautiful!

I don’t know just a compliment on my mouth such a raw feature of someone and to look like you smell yummy and then to know someone uses you to create an image while they’re reading which is so powerful just ugh I love people sometimes.

how about that episode of vampire diaries last night though i was so overwhelmed so many perfect things happened and tyler (!!!!!!!!!) and jeremy and silas and stefan and elena and klaus and rebecca and matt GOD


ummmm so anytime Stefan wants to seduce me into feeling on the dance floor like that pls by all means do so

I just wanna go to pastry school every day and learn how to make the most scrumptious tummy and eye appealing desserts and have my own cute lil pastry chef shanny outfit and come home and bake all of the goodies I’ve learned in my undies late at night when everyones asleep and master the techniques and the flavors and the preparation until its second nature and I don’t even have to think anymore and I wanna be that cute girl that is ok on her own and whose apartment always smells intoxicating and who will invite boys over for dinner and please their senses entirely just by her cooking and the one that the entire family expects sweets from at every family gathering and the cozy apartment everyone wants to come to for the holidays for everything they can get their hands on and I want my own cherry red polka dotted apron and I just want to be delicate and light in everything I do and bake cupcakes and pies and scones and crepes and breads and everything mouthwatering you could imagine and I just want it to be me and my puppy in the sleepiest smallest home you could imagine even on lonely nights I’d have endless bites of the most savory desserts 24/7 waiting for me on my kitchen counter in the dark ugh I just want to do that I want to be that that’s all I want and ill be happy I swear I will.