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sorry to stay on that sex topic ~*sex talks w/ shanny*~ but its so great when you get to that age where your parents just let you stay over at your bebes and dont make rules about different beds literally it is the best freedom

i think giving head (w/ ur bebe) would actually be fun if i knew what i was doing ever ***personal*** ***sry*** ***random***


eating swedish fish, studying and biebering (dats a term now)

whenever you can’t handle it whenever it’s too much just go to the bookstore go to barnes n noble in the comfiest sweater you have and sit between the aisles of books with dozens in your lap and a few pages between each finger with a warm drink next to your hip and just sit there and be and sit there and be and sit there and know that there are hundreds of palm-sized worlds around you right now that you could just crawl yourself into for awhile and it’ll be okay it’ll be okay

I need a book that has the absolute most tearing and mind numbing relationship in it, I don’t care if its healthy or unhealthy I want it to be so excruciating but beautiful to read that it changes who I am. I need that. I need that book right now. Tell me what book that is for you?

~* bieber acoustic to get ready in the morning *~

seriously listening to biebers acoustic album makes me literally moan out a little bit at times i can’t even lie it’s like a sexual experience

Whenever I think to write of you I just taste the bonfires and smell their smoke in my hair, and then it’s your fingers there and your mouth there and I don’t know what to write anymore.

i don’t have any sex appeal because zac efron took it all

it’s nice to lay in bed and love someone

It comforts me that so many people have come to me about their anxiety and/or panic problems. It makes me feel like, if anything, my disorder has at least some purpose to try and ease someone else that’s on the same path I am.

I never finished the end of gossip girls last season because I seriously think I might implode bc CHUCK AND BLAIR I can’t I get too fucking happy legitimately it hurts

sometimes i just get in random moods where i am fucking obsessed with boobs ugh