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The best thing you can do about the assholes in your life REALLY truly is absolutely nothing, who gives a shit if they don’t believe you’re happy, who gives a shit if they expect you and every source that brings you any sort of light to just fail out. Be happy regardless of them, and just thank god that you aren’t in that miserable of a state to dissect someone else’s happiness for truth or fault. They just don’t have enough of there own, deep down, and you’re already above them.

i can’t decide if i want to read or watch my tv series or just lay here knowin i have a cute navy baby okay 

we grew apart because we just became two different people. plus you’re a huge bitch so

Talk to me like I’m the night. Everything you say will just be swallowed up and I’m the only one that will know, okay? Tell me things only exhaustion could coax out of you.

I’m swollen and bruised, and I like it.

now is your chance to kiss everyone you’ve ever wanted okay kiss the cutie kiss the babe you don’t need a reason becos your reason is new years just lay one on them and that’s it walk away just do the business and leave GO KISS CUTIES GUYS, tally that shit

"I once stood up until sunrise and I watched it while eating some fruit whose name I do not know and reading your writings. Just thought you should know."

Sweetest ever okay.

I have a cold and all I am going to do for the night is go and sit between Barnes N Noble shelves and dig through books and find new favorites. Ugh, okay.

forever waiting for the real amanda to be with jack porter forever ok

i cant go out with you because dave franco


So many people say it’s a struggle to learn how to be alone, but once you’ve become infatuated and comfortable waking up to an intoxicating nothingness, no one tells you how difficult it is to un-learn being alone. To experience another, again.

oberhofer and sleepy eyes

i hate when guys say anything about gag reflexes like “thats a terrible trait to have” like excuse me pretty sure my throat was not made for you to fuck find somewhere else jfc

omfg i got a 94 on my calculus final thank you fucking lord oh my GOD YES LET ME BE DRUNK I AM SO HAPPY RIGHT NOW